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Over 50 years in the automotive repair industry and equipped with the latest diagnostic and tuning equipment to ensure that your vehicle is accurately and promptly diagnosed. From log book servicing to dyno tuning we set our standards high.

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NT Garage was established in 1969, founded by Nick Tahtatzis, a successful family owned and operated business, operating in Footscray, only 5 minutes out of Melbourne CBD, Victoria. The business is now operated by Nick’s son George and George’s son Simon, with 3 generations of Automotive Technicians and almost 50 years of knowledge in the family the team specialise in late model performance vehicles, Ranging from Holdens, Fords, Mercedes, BMW, Nissans etc, making NT Performance Automotive your one stop shop for any factory log book servicing, dyno tuning and performance enhancements.

NT Performance Automotive is equipped with the latest in software, tuning and diagnostic equipment to ensure your vehicle is accurately and promptly diagnosed.  

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We have the ability to install and tune many aftermarket ECU’s such as, Motec, Haltech, Microtech, Vipec, Autronic, Apexi and many more, though not limited to only installing and tuning aftermarket ECU’s the team are also to re-calibrate/re-map your factory ECU, live in house on our Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer. 

The advantage from having your vehicle custom tuned as opposed to a flash tune is that all maps within the ECU, such as fuel, timing, boost etc, are specifically setup for your engine/modifications/fuel. This way we are able to ensure optimum performance, fuel economy and reliability.

All custom fabrication work can be carried out in house including custom exhaust systems, inter cooler piping kits, turbo manifolds etc.

Engine building is also carried out in house for any 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines whether it be forced induction or naturally aspirated, anything from a standard rebuild to full race setup, whether it be a standard rebuild or a 1000HP engine package, all engines receive the same quality workmanship and are blueprinted and assembled with only quality parts.


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If you have any inquiries please contact us or submit an online inquiry and we will endeavor to reply to you within 24 hours.

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